What's growing on?

Spring is coming!

The trees are waking up and about to burst with waves of color!
Cherry trees with their beautiful metallic bark and white or pink flowers. We will soon be getting in Yoshino and Kwanzan, as well as both white and pink weepers!
Dogwoods; our state flower. How could you resist these native beauties? Bloom colors range from white to deep pinks that are almost red! Dogwoods are naturally understory trees, thus they prefer some protection from the hot midday sun.
Redbuds, another awesome native tree! Look for the Rising Sun Redbud with its orange to lime leaves in the spring!
One lesser known flowering tree is the Styrax, or the Japanese Snowbell. This one has delicate little white bell flowers that hang down gracefully from the stem. Styrax is a mid-size tree, great for smaller yards! The flowers will develop into berries that attract plenty of birds also! Add some pop to your yard this spring with a flowering tree! Call Michelle at the Living Landscapes shop for more details! 336-227-5769

Posted 175 weeks ago