What's growing on?

Dog days of summer……..

With the extreme heat we had this summer, our cool season fescue lawns have taken a pretty good beating. A lot of us have lost a good amount of turf and are seeing significant amount of die out and thinning. To combat this and replenish your turf for next growing season we do a process generally referred to as lawn aeration and over-seeding. While there are several different methods of aeration, they for the most part accomplish the same things. Lawn aeration helps relieve soil compaction, allows water, air and nutrients to infiltrate the root zone and disturbs the soil to provide a place for the new seed to germinate. (Seed tossed onto undisturbed/unprepared soil germinates poorly at best) This along with proper fertilization, mowing and weed control should make a big difference in look and overall health of your lawn.

So, with all of that being said, the best times for aeration and over-seeding lawns is NOW!

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Posted 151 weeks ago