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Take down a wall..

The Beauty of Outdoor Living. My wife and I watch countless hours of home improvement shows. During every show it seems someone is knocking down a wall to create a larger kitchen, bedroom, living room etc. I would suggest knocking down another wall, the one to the outside! Think about taking down a wall that would let your home’s inside spill out. By creating outdoor living space, you will be in what is absolutely the hottest trend we are seeing from homeowners right now in the landscape industry.  What is an outdoor living space? Think of it as your little slice of heaven. Imagine a peaceful area where you can sit, relax and unwind after a long day. Maybe a place to entertain friends and family with a cookout in your new outdoor kitchen. The kids laughing as they splash in your pool area or the crackling sound of a fire in your new fire pit on one of our crisp North Carolina autumn evenings. The beauty of it is that it can be whatever you want it to be, as simple or detailed as your imagination and budget will allow. There are many components that can be utilized to create your space. Here is a small list of the most common: 

Patios • Decks • Outdoor Kitchens • TV’S and Stereos • Low Voltage Lighting • Sitting Walls • Pools • Hot Tubs • Plants • Pergolas • Ponds • Pondless waterfalls • Fire Pits • Chimneys • Outdoor Furniture 

 There are many different building materials, patterns and techniques you can use to create your new space.  First, start with a reputable and qualified design / build landscape firm. Set a budget and share that with the company in your meeting.  It makes the design process go much smoother and faster as you will have no time wasted on a project design that is out of the budget. A good plan will create a natural flow from the inside out and compliment the style and color of your home. Ask for references and visit projects they completed. Please keep in mind that most reputable companies are in demand and can’t start on it today, as they typically have a backlog of work. If a company can do it next week, there may be a reason. Many homeowners are enjoying the benefits that a well-designed outdoor living space can create and are also seeing increased property values from a professionally installed project.  Ready to get started?  Follow these simple suggestions and you will be curled up in your new space in no time. You’ll be glad you did!!  

Posted 96 weeks ago